Already for 10 years in the new machine market in Hungary and Slovakia. After selling and operating numerous crushers, screens and construction machines we can say that every brand and type has its flagship. This is why GÉP-Partner Ltd has decided to perform brand-independent trading and to offer the most suitable equipment with proper price and quality with manufacturer's conditions and guarantee, as well as - this is important - with operational experiences. Therefore we have the possibility to offer our customers a tailor-made equipment that he needs with the best price.

Selling to meet all demands - értékesítés minden igényt kielégítve

Our company has been present in the construction and demolition industry for several years and has long experience in the field of construction machines. We would like to use this experience for your benefit when we sell the machines. You can choose with our help high quality machines from several manufacturers.

We sell crushers and screening machines, loaders and material handling machines, too. If you need a machine like these, please contact us that we could offer you the machine that best fits to your demands by our long experience. This way you will be enriched by a high quality, reliable and effective machine.

Thank for our wide range of partners we can always give you a solution. If you need a construction or demolition machine and you are looking for a reliable and experienced company, please call us!

Some brands from our new machines sold:

Crushers and screens: TEREX, Sandvik, Extec, Keestrack, McCloske City Equipment

Loading and material handling machines: Terex, Fuchs, Atlas, Hitachi, Volvo, Liugong, XCG

Our manufacturer partners with contract: Terex Sandvik Mccloskey City equitment Keestrack Hitachi Atlas Liugong Volvo


Since 2011 we have been servicing loading and construction machines beside crushers and screens. Our partners help us to be cost effective because they provide service possibility in several places in the country, e.g. in Dabas, Györ, Cegléd, Budapest (in several places), Sopron and Dlegyháza. We work on the most effective way with low travelling costs. As an option we have enough machine to supplement one of broken down, when the repair time is longer.

A reliable partner in difficulties

A damaged machine without a replacement can cause vast loss to the company and mainly to a small company. Our company undertakes also repairing of construction machines as well as servicing crushing and screening machines and loaders.

The short deadlines and urgent tasks are very frequent in the construction and demolition industry. There are no allowed the delays of several days because of a failure or servicing. Our company undertakes not only servicing but also replacement a machine if the reparation ca not be completed within a short time.

If you are also in difficulties please call us that we could help you in the best possible way! You can reach us in several place in Hungary and so we can help you in the shortest time.

When you need servicing of your machines please do not hesitate to contact us in order that the work runs in a smooth and efficient manner!


  • Antransclean Kft.
  • Ábel Bau Kft.
  • Bakony Dolomit Kft.
  • Bányagép Kft.
  • Best Machinery Kft.
  • Béta Q Kft.
  • Catterra Kft.
  • Colas Alterra Zrt.
  • Colas Hungária Zrt.
  • C-Speed 84 Kft.
  • Cs-Ker Tranzit Kft.
  • Déwolf Kft
  • Darálóaprító Kft.
  • Daruka és társa Bt.
  • Dolomit 2002 Kft.
  • Elgoscar 2000 Kft.
  • Erfavad Kft.
  • Euroaszfalt Kft.
  • Szalai Dózer Kft.
  • Esztergomi Köztisztasági Kft.
  • Fa Ker Kft.
  • Ferro-Total Kft.
  • Földgép Agro Kft.
  • Fúrógép Kft.
  • Geotech Kft.
  • Gömöri Szállítmányozási Kft.
  • Green Collekt Kft.
  • Pacziga Kft.
  • MJBL Gép Kft.
  • Resonator Kft.
  • Green Mining Kft.
  • Molnár János István E.V.
  • Homokbánya Hajdúsámson Kft.
  • Hunext Kft.
  • Hunpatrol Kft.
  • H-Zenit Kft
  • Inert Kft.
  • Kavics Hungária Kft.
  • KBL Tech Kft.
  • Kohlschein Magyarország Kft.
  • Kóczián és Kóczián Kft.
  • Colas Út Zrt
  • Közműgeneral Kft.
  • Kőker csákvár Kft.
  • Kővesztő Kft.
  • Kő-Ka 3000 Kft.
  • Krisped Kft.
  • K&K Kft.
  • Laurin Kft.
  • Lisztes Trans Kft
  • Lumix Trade SRO
  • Makor Kft.
  • Mecsek Energy Kft.
  • Mély út Kft.
  • Merkon Kft.
  • Mre-H Kft.
  • Naste Bau Kft.
  • Ovideo Bt.
  • Hidrográd Kft.
  • Duna Aszfalt Kft.
  • Padex Kft.
  • Penke Trans Kft.
  • Relid Bau Kft.
  • Reneszansz Zrt.
  • Resonator Kft.
  • Selyp Invest Kft.
  • Saho Kft.
  • Slezák Csoport
  • Solymász 95 Kft.
  • Soso Földszer Kft
  • Strabag Magyarország
  • Svedala Kft.
  • Swietelsky Magyarország Kft.
  • Switelsky Vasúttechnika Kft.
  • Szilvási Trans Kft.
  • Szimax Teh Kft.
  • Takács és Takács Kft.
  • Telkes Ép Kft.
  • Transped SRO
  • Vasérc Trans Kft.
  • VB Partner Kft.
  • Virabel Kft.
  • Volvo Hungaria Kft.
  • Zemplisnka Plavebna Spolocnost sro.
  • Zöld út Kft. (Esztergom)
  • 3-B Sziládi Kft.
  • Hódút Freeway
  • Dolomit Kft.
  • Bont-Tör Kft.


Machine renting for mining

Have you been looking for a company to rent a heavy-duty, fuel efficient machine with high performance with favourable price for a long time?

Choose us! These requirements can we easy meet because these are essential for us.

Would you like to rent a reliable machine for mining? Please contact us and choose the machine that best fits to your demands! Our wide range of machines make possible that you perform your work on time and with utmost satisfaction with the quality.

Our machines for mining are from the most famous manufacturers that is the guarantee for the quality, long service life and easy operation. Choose and rent a machine from us, whether a crusher or a screening machine, everything that you need for mining!

Contact us and rent machines from us!

Bányamunkák Dorog : bányamunkák Esztergom : bányamunkák Hajdúsámson : homokbányamunkák

Water construction

We offer water construction as well.


We get more and more request for demolition of buildings that we perform with pleasure no matter whether it is small or large building, sewage works or a former factory. When the demolition permit makes it possible we explore the high buildings and construction works or those are hard to demolish with machine. After the demolition, of course, we can use our milling machines, since we obtain valuable secondary materials from the buildings.

Demolition - call us!

The demolition of buildings needs complex preparation works. We introduce you the demolition process of a building below:

The demolition process:

• First you have to acquire all permissions.
• Then the hart constructions are to be demolished, the roof to be removed and the hart constructions to be dismounted.
• The third step is to remove the wood beams that can be used later on.
• The fourth step is to remove the doors and windows.
• Then the real demolition can be made.
• The sixth step is to remove the foundation.
• The last activity is landscaping.

The demolition of buildings need special knowledge and experience therefore it is better to call a professional team for it. If you are looking for a reliable specialist for demolition works you are at us in right place! Should you have any question about our services, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Bontás Bontás Bontás Bontás Bontás Selypi eternitcementgyár 33 méter magas négyzetsilóinak bontása Orosházi szennyvíztelep bontásakor keletkezett inert hulladék vasmentesítése, előkészítése darálásra Orosházi szennyvíztelep bontásakor keletkezett inert hulladék vasmentesítése, előkészítése darálásra Silók bontása 33 méter magas négyzetsilók bontása Eternitcementgyár négyzetsilóinak folytatólagos bontása, vastalanítása. Selypi Eternitcementgyár négyzetsilóinak folytatólagos bontása Cementgyár bontása Inert hulladék előkészítése darálásra. Bontás, vastalanítás