Waste management - waste recycling

Our main activity is the waste pre-treatment and recycling of the construction and demolition waste with code EWC 17.

The pre-treatment of the waste is made by our regulated and controlled system including mobile crushers and screening machines which makes possible to sell and reuse the materials after proving them (including in civil engineering and road base). This way it is possible to reduce the fee of landfill. Our professional team is in the settlement of the whole project in a conscientious manner always at your disposal.

We have already found incorrectly and illegal performed waste landfill. We can help you also to avoid the irregularities in waste management and waste recycling. Our company has a very strong position in this business and as we know the market we can state that we are strong also in this field.

Waste management: Together for a better future!

The environment protection is one of the main problems today. It is more and more tendency that the humanity takes care not to harm to our planet. Our company also supports this aim and therefore we offer waste management among our services, too.

Unfortunately illegal landfills still exist that not only spoil our environment but these are unlawful as well. The accumulated waste will be pre-treated by our specialists who recycle them after processing. Protect the environment and take care that the waste will be processed and recycled!

Call us with confidence to help you to manage the waste in a correct way!

For further information about the waste management please contact us!

What do you need to know about waste recycling

Everyday will be produced domestic and dangerous industrial waste in a huge amount all over the world the waste management and recycling is therefore very important to protect the environment.

Thank to the professional waste recycling the environment pollution falls and helps to save energy therefore this is very important both for the individuals and the companies.

There are two ways of waste recycling:

• Direct – the waste will be recycled without modification
• Indirect – the waste will be recycled with modification

If you also think that the environment protection is important please contact us and let us know about your demand in waste recycling! Our professional team is always at your disposal to protect together our environment!